Chelsea (jailover) wrote,

Haven't updated I was reading some of my old posts. Wow shows how immature and stupid I was before? Wow funny those were from 8th grade now I'm gonna be a sophomore? Crazy how time flies by but exciting and fun at the same time! I've been on mysapce most of the time though. So ya today I'm going to friends BBQ should be fun. Oh if any of you guys didn't know I'm now into counter-strike best game ever. Part of a team in fact and we go into tournaments and what not. For all those Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fans I used to talk to well I've kinna don't watch it anymore QE4THSG has been around since I was in 7th grade again now I'm going to be a sophomore. Crazy! I still think JAI is dead sexy. Hrm I also have new crushes such as Ricky Ulman =) Well I'm going to try to keep this short because I know people don't really like reading and what not. I'm just sayin how much I've changed and I guess matured? since before. Wow
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