Chelsea (jailover) wrote,


Well I haven't wrote in LJ in a LONG ASS TIME .!! Ya it's coz ' I guess i 've been on MYSPACE & it's ADDICTING I might get cancer because of it ... DAMNIT .!! Oh well so what's been going on lately ? Anything new to all my homies ... Hmmm ... (ponders)


All I have to say is FUCK MY MOM! She's such a fucking asshole, & idiot! What the fuck! She's so stupid! That bitch! Sometimes I hate her so fucking much but I can't because you know she;s my mom so I'm fucking forced to like her! She's such an asshole. Has no idea what the fuck she knows. Shit I'd kill that bitch! Damn I'm so pissed off! "Trying to get nice things for this house and you take it foir granted" take it for granted my ass! I barely use this shit! Mother fucker!!! They hide that shit from me well you know what fuck em' I don't care! (I'm talking about my camera btw, I'm the only one who fucking uses it!)
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